It’s delicious, refreshing, and FUN!  

People are LOVING our Popping Juice Bubble Tea and Milk Tea!

STOP BY and see what the BUZZ is all about!  

You might be wondering...  "What IS Bubble tea??"

Well OUR Bubble Tea, the way we serve it at Sugar Hive Baking Company, starts with black tea (brewed fresh each day) in your choice of sweetened with real sugar, or simply plain, unsweetened tea.  Then you choose your syrup flavors.  Typically you choose two different syrups and get one pump of each flavor, or you can choose two pumps of one single flavor instead, it's up to you! 

Next is the fun part...  choosing your popping  juice bobas

Our bobas are made by Tea Zone and they're a tiny juice filled sphere that POPS when you eat it! 

(We do NOT use the chewy tapioca style boba that you might find in the milk tea type drinks at Asian specialty restaurants and markets.)

Together, the tea, fruity syup and juice bobas make up a super fun, delicious and refreshing drink unlike any you've had before and the best part is that the flavor combinations are virtually endless! So of course you're going to want to try something new each time you stop in!

Our bubble tea currently comes in one size, 20 ounces and is priced at $4.oo

Stop in and try one TODAY!

 Some of our syrup flavor options: Cranberry. Raspberry. Wildberry Lemonade. Lemon. Lime. Mojito. Blood Orange. Watermelon. White Peach. Pear. Banana. Coconut. Tropical Blend. Pineapple. Cucumber. Hibiscus. Lavander.

Some of our popping juice boba flavor options: Cherry. Mango. Yogurt. Blueberry. Pomegranate.

Peach. Lychee. Cucumber Pineapple. Strawberry. Passion Fruit. Kiwi

(Flavors are subject to change)

294 Pearl Road

Brunswick, Ohio 44212

(inside Mapleside Farms!)

Tel: 330-225-HIVE(4483)

Email: TheBees@Sugarhivebaking.com

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